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Remington History, Annie and her beloved Beals.

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Annie Oakley (Little Miss-Sure-Shot) and her beloved Remington Beals Rifle.

(And I might add that Annie Oakley did more for women's liberation than any other women in history. She accomplished this by just being herself and a model and inspiration to be admired by both men and women).


*NAME: Phoebe Ann Oakley Mozee. She was named Phoebe Ann by her mother, but called Annie by her sisters. Annie promoted the Mozee spelling of the family name. She took the stage name Oakley, reportedly after Oakley, Ohio.

*BIRTH DATE: Aug 13, 1860.

*BIRTHPLACE: Patterson Township, Darke County, Ohio.

*EDUCATION: Annie did not attend school. She was self taught.

*DESCRIPTION OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Whether it be a pistol, rifle, or shotgun, the legendary markswoman Annie Oakley was masterful with them all. Dubbed "Little Sure Shot" by Chief Sitting Bull (she was 5 feet tall, her sharp shooting in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show won her many awards and capyivated audiences far and wide. Her name remains synonymous with firearms and entertainment.

NOTE: Annie Oakley was an amazing person. You can do a search on the internet and find significant history about her and her early childhood. Your skin will crawl and your hair will stand on end when reading about her childhood and how she continually overcame adversity in her life!

Annie Oakley and her belove Remington Beals Rifle. And you could say the Remington that made Firearm history!
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Thanks for the Remington history.

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