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Remington Model SEVEN Bolt Action Reviews...

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Straight form Remington

The first time you carry a Model Seven in the field, you’ll understand why it’s considered one of the finest dense-cover rifles in America. Lightning-fast in close quarters. Superbly accurate for the long shot. When you use the hardest-hitting caliber known to big game with short-action magnum cartridges, you need a longer barrel. So Model Seven rifles in these chamberings have a 22" magnum contour barrel.

The NEW Model Seven™ Synthetic features a black synthetic stock. • Calibers include 223 Remington, 243 Win. (full size and compact), 7mm-08 Remington (full size and compact), 260 Remington and 308 Win.


2 3/8" shorter overall length than Model 700™ counterparts makes the Model Seven perfectly sized for small-statured shooters and dense-cover hunting situations
Compact design for fast handling
Features the same legendary strength as the Model 700™ action: “Three rings of steel” with the bolt face, barrel and receiver encasing the cartridge head
Cylindrical receiver design provides a consistent bedding area in the stock

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In the mid '80s, I started hunting with a Trapper model Winchester M94 .30-30 with stock sights. After being frustrated with poor shootability past 100 yards or so, I decided to replace it with a bolt action rifle. In 1987, the Remington Model Seven, in 7mm08 caliber and topped with a 2x7 power scope, graced the cover of a Shooting Times magazine issue. After reading about this gun, I was immediately drawn to it and knew that this was the hunting rifle for me. The handling of a lightweight carbine, with the range of a modern bottleneck rifle cartridge and the handiness of a short action bolt throw. I sold the .30-30 to help fund the Remington purchase.

I was already handloading for other calibers at the time of my Model Seven purchase, so it was fairly easy to work up a load that bettered the only factory 7mm08 loading (Remington 140 gr Core Lokt) available at that time. I still use that load to this day, and if I do my part, it will put three shots into under an inch at 100 yds. from that 'soda straw' barrel. I am pleased to see that there is now a better selection of premium production 7-08 ammo for the non-reloader.

Over the years, my rifle has evolved a bit. It still wears the Leupold Compact 2x7 scope in a Leupold one-piece mount and rings that I installed in '87. I added an HS Precision synthetic stock in 2001, and a PTG aluminum bolt shroud/firing pin this year. Ready to go, with a loaded magazine and sling, it weighs almost 7 lbs.

25 years later, I am still satisfied with my decision to buy the Seven in 7-08, but I think I should have tried harder to keep the Winchester.
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Thanks for the great review of your experience with the Remington Model SEVEN bolt action rifle
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I just purchased an old copy of a 1983 Shooting Times with a cover photo and review of the then-new Model 7. I'll post up a scan copy when it comes in.
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