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Remington sear springs for 870,1100,1148,1187,7400 and more

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 27, 2021 5:22 pm
I have had sear springs (aka trigger springs) manufactured here in the USA for our favorite Remington guns. Basically anything that has a trigger group that looks like an 870 is good to go with these. I have them available in 2lb and 3lb pull weights. These have been tested in my guns and over the past year in hundreds of my customers guns. I get rave reviews.

In order to simplify things, let me point you to my website. There you will find additional info about the product, customer testimonials, installation video, and ordering info... including click to order now using Paypal.

http://springs.ccskeet.com [img]bc-web_s[/img]

Things are busy, but I ship same USPS First Class the day I receive the order. Any delay is your USPS service.
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