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Old V.S. New 870 SPS-T

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2018 5:12 pm
Why are all the of the older models of the 870 SPS-T’s near impossible
To find, compared to new models? It has to be because of a lot more than just being newer.
I’v been trying pretty hard for awhile to buy a greenleaf SPS-T and can never locate one.
I would like to hear what everyone thinks of them side by side, I personally don’t like the new ones near as much. My final question is, does anyknow have an idea of how many of the camo variants they made?i believe from about 1994 or 1995 until they changed to the newer style. I checked into the ATF reports of production from Remington, but they clump all of 870 models together. Hope this wasn’t too much, thankyou guys! :D

Oh! I owned a 96 model 870 SPST in greenleaf, and sold it. Iv been trying to find another ever since!

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