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Remington 870 TX

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 06, 2019 4:22 pm

I bought a 1962 870 TX with some issues. Stock is not "sungrain" so probably a "TB" or "TC" walnut. Its beautifully figured walnut but the wrist is all chewed up where it meets the receiver. For some reason someone shortened the nose such that the bearing plate was not providing any support.

The barrel is correct year, and is marked "mod" but was cut to 25.5". The back of the vent rib is unlike any Ive seen before. It's solid for the first few inches rather than vented. Is this the original barrel?

It has the gold trigger and pins. I think it should have a mag cap gold end but its plain blued.
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 06, 2019 9:16 pm
Remington vent ribs were like that up until the 1968 general time frame; solid the first few inches in front of the receiver. There may be some later ones that were started but not finished until later.
I have seen several pieces of nice wood wrecked by people either not using a spacer, etc. I bought some very nice (expensive) furniture in the late 70s, and got an awful scratch on one piece at delivery. They sent a guy to fix it. I was expecting to have to send it back, but he did a fabulous job. Couldn't find a blemish with a spotlight and a magnifying glass. He had a tackle box with all kinds of stains and could match anything. I had an 870 I had picked up cheap because the stock was mangled where it met the receiver. A couple of pretty good chunks were missing. I asked him is he could fix it and he said sure. He took it with him and three weeks later he called me and said it was ready. It looked perfect. He said he mixed sawdust with epoxy and then shaped it and had to paint on some matching grain. For the enormous sum of $35. You might check around. I am sure fine furniture stores still suffer some potentially expensive damage.
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