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Light loads and oversize O rings

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 14, 2018 5:12 pm
Starting a new thread as my previous problems now seem to be sorted.
Following the excellent advice of The Virginian I purchased some oversized O rings (BS119) but found that the bolt would not fully go into battery, thus preventing the firing pin from striking the primer. I now realise that the O rings I bought were not quite the size declared, or that I had ordered. (due to metric sizing in the UK) I borrowed an accurate micrometer and measured the various O rings that I had and also those that I have subsequently purchased. (all are declared metric sizes)

All sizes nominal, all are inner diameter;

15/16" 945 thou 24 mm

Cross section measurements

My original Remington O rings are
1/16" 59 thou 1.5mm

recently purchased:
5/64" 79 thou 2 mm


3/32" 98 thou 2.5 mm

The BS119 (too big?)

7/64" 103 thou 2.62 mm

I have found that the 2mm (5/64") gas seal,(one size up from standard) allows full forward battery, the 2.5mm (3/32") seems intermittent so on my next trip to the range I shall start with the 2mm seal and 24g (7/8 oz UK no. 8 fibre wad) Bornaghi cartridges (a nice soft load that I use frequently in other guns) I shall take other size O rings and ammunition and will report back in due course

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