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PostPosted: Sat Dec 27, 2014 3:15 pm
This subforum is for the discussion of Black Powder Flintlocks / Percussion Handguns.

Please feel free to discuss all the different types and brands...

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 10, 2020 6:29 pm
I bought a open top colt replica.

Its been a learning experence

My first was a Piatta brass frame 1851 .44
The second waz a EMF ASM 1860 steel frame .44

I found I really like using a powder flask with measure spout to shake a charge.
Mine has a 26 grain spout.

I found the really deep cylinders for shooting conical bullets are extremly roomy to accomidate a double charge.
So I can and have stoked my steel frame 1860 with 52gr of Pyrodex P!
I dont recomend doing that.
And have found its hard on open top colts.
All that pressure will pull on the arbor threads in the frame.
Note Arbor and its threads are locked in the frame by a blind hole with a steel lock pin steaked in place.

As part of your black powder cleaning kit, fiber bristle brushes help (round for cylinder and toothbrush and acid brush types for frame)
Invest in a decent fitting nipple wrench and use itbafter every shooting.
Anti-seize the nipple threads.
Just snug the nipples in.
They need be tight enough to handle not coming loose when firing.
Do Not use any sort of Over Tight torque.
Cap nipples in revolvers can be rather difficult to remove.

One my very first times firing a open top colt was a chain fire.
I had slip fit lead balls and loose fitting caps.
I swelled the balls with a hammer on a hard surface.
So least I was shaving lead rings.
But the loose caps were a chain firing nightmare.
Once I had proper fitting percussion caps and lead ball that shaved a nice ring when seating, I no longer had chain fire issues.
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