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Zastava built Remington Model 5 rimfire

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 12:05 pm
Anybody else have one of these? Zastava is an old-world Balkan firearms maker that has been producing (and continues to) firearms for both military and sporting uses. They were the makers of the barrels and actions behind the Interarms MarkX Mauser, the Remington 798, and many other line-ups including Communist-era AK-47/74-pattern weapons.

The Remington Model 5 is still being made by Zastava under their MP-22 designation, or even Z-5 in places. I have not shot mine since I've acquired it, but I did add a Simmons 22MAG rimfire scope. Have also managed to scrounge a few extra magazines. I'll post pics of mine when I get home.

A shame Remington never continued these relationships. I saw an absolutely gorgeous custom build on a 798 barreled action recently. The first centerfire rifle I ever owned (and still own) is a MarkX Mauser in .30-06.

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