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Remington V3 Autoloader Reviews

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Thanks for this 2016 post
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Good video. Thanks.

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I like it!

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I have now had my V3 since August. I have shot approximately 1,100 shells of various makes through it. I have had one failure to fire with a defective off centered primer on a factory Federal shell. One failure that was not even the gun's fault! I have been waving shotguns of some sort around for 58 years, and I can now say that the V3 is THE most comfortable 12 gauge I have ever used. It is the only 12 gauge I have shot where 1 1/8 loads do not cause me to start flinching or cause early onset tiredness.
It is also an incredibly forgiving gun as far as maintenance. It makes me feel guilty because all I do is use a paper towel and give a very quick swipe at the internals and bolt face. I then follow by a drop of oil on the steel ejection plate inside of receiver that the manual recommends. Super quick and easy to maintain! I do give it a more complete cleaning after 500 rounds but not because it starts acting up. The only thing I have had to "fix" was the piston stop plate got loose on it after about 800 rounds. I took it off, cleaned the threads and the 2 small bolts and using some blue LokTite, reinstalled them. It requires a bit of an odd ball 7/64 size Allen wrench. Since doing that I have not had them loosen, but I do check them now when I take it apart to clean.

I am sure that Remington is selling these easily. Now with all the different models like the one-of-a-kind TAC 13 (I want one), Turkey Pro, Waterfowl Pro plus the existing models; there is a V3 for anyone's use. If I sound like an advertising for the Remington V3, it is only because my experience with shotguns enables me to say that the V3 is a truly unique, reliable Do-Anything shotgun. You owe it to yourself to check it out if you are in the market for a 12 gauge semi auto. You will be surprised at how much of a quality shotgun you can get for around $700. Finally from all accounts from my reading the warranty experience of others on such forums as Shotgun World, Remington is doing its utmost to make sure they have satisfied after the sale customers. Oh, and that customer service is for a lifetime!

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